How to get your hands on the most versatile blender to improve your health

When people ask me how to find a proper blender so that they can dramatically improve their overall health and well-being (mostly by making shakes and smoothies out of a very healthy ingredients), I have a list of things that I tell them to be on the lookout for. Especially if you plan to use use your blender for frozen fruit, choosing the best blender for your morning smoothies can be a pain.

Some of these tips and tricks seem at least a little bit obvious on the surface, but you would be absolutely shocked to learn just how few people pay attention to these details when they are looking for this kind of small kitchen appliance.

If you are serious about working this kind of equipment into your healthy and active lifestyle, you’ll want to be sure to focus in on the tips and tricks I’ve included below.

Find a machine with high-speed blades and extra horsepower to blend up nearly everything

Though you could probably get away with a budget based system that isn’t all that powerful and isn’t all that fast, especially if you’re dealing with softer ingredients, you aren’t going to have that much versatility or flexibility if you go in this direction.
Instead, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase a quality piece of equipment that is just as quick and just as powerful as your budget will allow for – and it’s always better to get your hands on a more powerful and more versatile piece of equipment if you have the budget for it.

Choose one with single serving jar attachment included

While there is certainly something to be said about the convenience of blending up a whole bunch of ingredients at once and making a large batch of smoothies, the truth of the matter is these all-natural drinks and healthy meal replacement solutions can be very volatile and usually won’t keep that long – even when they are refrigerated.
This is why you want to think about getting your hands on a new blender that has a single serving jar or container included or attached. It’s a lot easier to crank out a single serving than to deal with all of the waste produced by volume smoothies.

Take advantage of machines that are simple and straightforward to clean and maintain

Lastly, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can leading an active and healthy lifestyle and not cleaning all of your small kitchen appliances like this one.
Find one that you can quickly break down and throw all of the “messy” components into the dishwasher and you’ll be just fine!

On tips of various veggies and fruit mixer that you can do, check out these recipes.

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