Perfect Dinner

Who doesn’t want a gourmet style meal at home? Diet and health conscious? Me as a mother bread maker, convection oven and a blender is a wonderful team that joins me in the kitchen. These are my best kitchen appliances that helps me produce the best meals of the day everyday.

For my family, a bread is one of an old time favorite foods serve in the morning, dinner or snacks. Means a table served with a freshly baked bread gives my family a heart touching smile. Having a bread machine helps me accomplish this task effectively. With assurance that they receive the right amount of dietary foods for the day.

Mostly my homemade breads are topped or mixed with fruits, vegetables and nuts. I use my blender to grind, juice or mashed the toppings and juice mix. With the blender I manage to achieve the right textures and amount that is needed for the bread mixtures. Then with my Zojirushi, which is the easiest bread machine to use, I just throw all the ingredients in and with a press of a button, everything will be ready in less than an hour.

If there is a need for toasting nuts, or drying fruits I just use my convection oven to evenly cooked this ingredients without pulling off too much moist from the foods. For guide on toasting nuts, check out martha stewart.

Convection oven is also a helpful idea to reheat breads without damaging its original taste and appearance. Preserving its freshness and quality is a promise that my oven can do, and it’s guaranteed.

Isn’t it amazing to serve an organic homemade bread right from the kitchen with these appliances?

These appliances bread maker, convection oven and blender can also give other foods and recipe alternatives to discover at home. That makes it wonderful.

It took me quite some time to have a bread maker, convection oven and a blender. And I am so thankful that I was able to own these appliances to lighten my cooking task. Thus, providing a healthy full of nutrition for my family is an outstanding achievements a mother can give.

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