Perfectly Baked Cake

Imagine this, perfectly baked chocolate cake with perfect moistness and a little bit of nutty to give you the texture and flavor. Put that with a scoop of a lovely vanilla ice cream and it will make your day! For your information, convection oven is the best oven for baking cakes.  Moist and the fluffiness is preserved well using a convection oven compared to the non-convection ovens.

A convection oven is an ovens with a built in fan. Mostly, fans can be turned on or off according to the foods you are going to cook. The fans drives away cool temperatures around the foods and help it dry quickly. Fans spread the heat inside the oven to evenly cook the foods. Because the fan moves the heat around, it maintains a steady heat.

This is why I like my cakes baked with the convection oven. Aside from fast and budget wise, cakes are perfectly baked reaching the best quality I wanted it to be.

The logic is this:

Because the fan moves the heat around the cake mixtures, it spread a balanced temperatures and good timing. The heat allows the cake mixtures to rise fast at the top leaving space for the rest of the mixture to heat up. As soon as the inside of the cake dries up, the outside of the cake also start to dry and crisp. By the end of the cooking time, the inside of the cake just dry while the outside were already crisp. In this way the moisture and fluffiness were preserved and a brownish color gives the cake a nice looks. To get the best cooking time, you need to experiment a few round. Can start with this article as a guideline.

This goes the same with breads, pies, tarts and roast meats that needs a balanced heat around. But for foods that only needs intense heat at the bottom I preferred turning off the fan. Because I want to leave the top of the food moist or not too dry. Good example for that are flans and pies that are open on the top.

There’s always a proper way and dos and don’ts to familiarize using a convection oven or even any other ovens. It is good practice to always read instructions attached to achieve a quality cooked foods you prepare.

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